All Dinner and Buffet menu prices include the selection of one of the following desserts along with the guests' choice of fresh brewed regular or decaffeinated coffee
Mexican Flan
A sweet Vanilla Custard accented with a Grand Marnier flavored caramelized sugar topping
  A delectable light French-style Puffy Roll topped with Honey and Strawberry Coulis
Amaretto Flan
  A fantastic fusion of Almond flavored Amaretto Di Saronno and rich Chocolate Custard
Fried Ice Cream
  A scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream rolled in roasted Coconut, Pecans and Peanuts, topped with our home-made Cajeta Sauce and Whipped Cream and served in a Sopapilla shell
Pecan Praline Crepe
  A delicious Chocolate flavored Crepe filled with our famous Pecan Pralines and Kahlúa infused
Chantilly Cream, topped with our home-made Cajeta Sauce and garnished with fresh Strawberries
Caramelized Pears
  Whole Pears sautéed with Piloncillo, Cinnamon and zests of Lime dusted with Brown Sugar and drizzled with Tequila Syrup


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